Chiropractic Care “The Weitz Way”

Chiropractic care at the Weitz Sports Chiropractic clinic involves various treatment approaches to helping patients achieve optimal health.  Initially, the injured area is assessed and examined to determine the specific problem.  Then, the overall posture and structure of the body is assessed to look for distortions from the optimal state.  The posture and structure of the individual frequently plays a role in other injured areas.  For example, rounded shoulder posture may predispose you to shoulder impingement problems.  And forwards head posture may result in not only neck pain and headaches, but jaw pain and even wrist pain as well.

Each patient receives a comprehensive examination with focus on the injured area.  This exam includes all relevant physical, orthopedic, and neurological examination tests.  X-rays are not taken routinely on each patient, though we sometimes refer out for them if the exam or history warrant it.  X-rays are used mainly to rule out suspected pathology, such as fractures or other bony abnormalities, and sometimes to assess spinal structural problems, such as scoliosis.

Treatments are individualized depending upon the severity, the particular nature of the problem, and the individual’s response to care.  Treatments may include very specific myofascial and/or trigger point massage, joint manipulation or mobilization, therapeutic stretching, rehabilitative exercise programs or recommendations, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, ice, heat, kinesio taping, or traction.  Soft tissue therapy (myofascial and trigger point massage) is typically included with each treatment. 

Recommendations may be made for nutritional and lifestyle changes, including vitamin and herbal supplementation to aid in the healing process or to prevent other health problems. Dr. Weitz has taken hundreds of post-graduate courses and has made a study of recent nutrition research.  Our office distributes high quality nutritional supplements from Metagenics, Designs For Health, and other professional companies at excellent prices.  Dr. Weitz may recommend custom orthotic supports for your feet, which he can fit you with.  Pilates is available at the office for either rehabilitation of injuries or for fitness.

Manipulation and mobilization are done to restore proper movement to joints that are not moving well and to realign the structure of the body.  Such “stuck” (dysfunctional) joints often result in the performance of abnormal movement patterns and injuries in other parts of the body.  Manipulation of the joints will be performed in the most gentle manner possible to achieve the correction.  We typically perform the manipulation only after loosening and warming the area with massage and/or heat.  This makes it easier for the body to accept the structural correction.  Specialized soft tissue work reduces scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles and tendons, promoting more normal healing.