What Not to Expect

Do not expect to find a simple solution for a complex problem. Problems that took months and years to develop are not likely to be relieved overnight. And chiropractic care is frequently not the wonder cure that some hope it to be. It is not voodoo. While occasional patients are completely relieved of severe pain with one adjustment, this is not the typical case. Chiropractic care enhances your body’s natural abilities to heal itself, facilitating and speeding up the process. But it works with this gradual process and this takes time. Sometimes it even takes months or years for complete healing to occur. Some conditions can never be cured–only managed. This requires periodic adjustments throughout your life. But this may be preferred to many of the common medical solutions, such as taking pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs, with their inevitable side effects. Chiropractic care has few side effects.

We do not take x-rays of each patient unless they are needed to rule out pathology. X-rays are not used to determine how to adjust the patient. By pressing on your back and other areas in a specific manner (motion palpation) we determine how to adjust you. However, x-rays and/or MRI may be recommended after several weeks or months of treatment if sufficient progress is not made. We also do not use any of the following chiropractic methods: Applied Kinesiology, SOT, BEST, NETWORK, or activator.