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Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 012: Brain Health

http://traffic.libsyn.com/rationalwellness/brainhealth.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSDr. Ben Weitz discusses new research on brain health revealed at the June 2017 Institute of Functional Medicine Annual meeting in Los Angeles. He discusses the plasticity of the brain and Dr. Dale Bredesen’s findings on reversing Alzheimer’s Disease.

March 2013

Quality Excellent I always thought it was strange when people told me that they feel tired after waking up – until it happened to me!  Gradually it got so bad that laying down did not offer relief, not one of my pillows felt “right” due to the pain on my neck and left shoulder-and I […]

October 4, 2012

The recommendations have helped, I feel better but the best thing about it is that  a) it has given me a clear conscience about my diet (supplementing my body with all the necessary nutrients despite being on a strict gluten, lactose and dairy-free diet) and  b) it has given me a structure in my daily […]

March 2013

Dr. Weitz is my chiropractor.   He is very knowledgeable.  He is a former body builder.  He is smart, funny, and is very good at what he does. He is very strong but he is not rough; he is gentle.  He is able to treat me properly.  He does adjustments and massages to loosen me up. […]


When I went to Dr. Ben I could not be in the car for a half hour without being in pain and scrunched over.  Not only did he do wonders but so did his staff of very nice and helpful people.  Then when I was still in pain but in a different leg (go figure) […]


I have been seeing Dr. Ben for close to 15 years. If you want to improve your health, he is your guy. Whatever the problem, he has a protocol for you. He takes the time to get the whole picture and provides you with a plan to follow. I would not hesitate to recommend him […]

September 2015

Dr. Ben, You are the best.  Thank you for helping my daughter get rid of the headache she had for over a week.  Her doctor didn’t know what caused it and just gave her drugs to get rid of it.  The drugs didn’t work but the magic of you did. Diagnosing the problem and adjusting […]


This is to attest to the fact that Dr. Ben Weitz is a most capable chiropractor… I had twisted my sciatic nerves, falling on my side from the top of a two-step, front porch down to the cement driveway. … I could no longer drive my car because my right leg was affected. I could […]