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Endometrial Cancer Update

A recent report from the World Cancer Research Fund (1) found that both obesity (body fatness) and a high glycemic diet increase your risk of endometrial cancer.  A high glycemic diet (a diet containing foods that cause a quick spike in your blood sugar, like soda, desserts, breakfast cereals, chips, bagels, white rice, etc.) raises blood […]

Do Omega 3 Fats Increase Prostate Cancer Risk?

The short answer is No!!!  Omega 3 fats from fish and fish oil have been shown in numerous (hundreds) scientific studies to be associated with decreases in various chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer of various types.  Omega 3 fats like DHA and EPA (found in fish) are anti-inflammatory and we know that inflammation […]

Pain Relievers Are Not The Answer

A recent Los Angeles Times article (3-29-2013) reports the rising rate of death from prescription drugs in the United States, specifically from overdose due to pain relievers like Oxycontin and Vicodin.  Deaths due to overdose of these drugs rose 3% in 2010 and preliminary data from 2011 show that this trend is increasing.  While such […]

Chiropractic Care For Sciatica

What is Sciatica? This refers to inflammation of  the sciatic nerve and it can cause significant pain in the lower back and down your leg. The nerve starts in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the leg to the foot. It provides nerve impulses for all the skin of the leg, as […]

Organic is Best

You may have heard that organic is not worth the extra cost because the nutrient content is not much different and organic is not 100% organic anyway.  It’s just a scam, so just buy your vegetables and fruit from Costco or Wallmart in bulk for less money.  I will explain why it really is worth […]

What About the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet (aka, the Caveman diet or the Stone Age diet) is very popular these days, esp. among the nutritionist/nutritional doctor community and there are lots of articles and books out promoting this way of eating as the healthiest.(1,2,3)  We are told by supporters of the Paleo diet that we would do best if we ate […]

Nutrition Benefits Cancer Patients

A recent study(1) has found that cancer patients who received individualized nutritional counseling while undergoing conventional treatments had a higher quality of life, less radiotherapy toxicity, and a better long term prognosis.  Patients with colorectal cancer were assigned to three groups and then followed for an average of 6.5 years.  Group 1 received individualized nutritional counseling without […]

To Cheese or Not to Cheese, That is the Question

To cheese, or not to cheese, that is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of saturated fats, Or to take Arms against a Sea of carbohydrate troubles, There has been a recent trend in the nutrition world towards recommending eating cheese as part of a healthy diet. […]

Boost Your Brown Fat

Brown fat is fat that is metabolically active and helps your body burn more calories.  It is typically found along the neck and upper back region.  We used to think that it only existed in infants, but we have learned recently that it is also found in adults.  This is in contrast to the typical […]